Alumni Testimonials

ENG.- With the majority of our postgraduates coming from outside Italy, you will encounter a more international group than at almost any other top training center. Our European location gives us a distinctly international outlook.
Students, academics and commentators come to PolisMaker Lab to talk about the leading issues with an holistic vision.
ITA.- Con la maggior parte dei nostri laureati provenienti da fuori Italia, si incontra un gruppo più internazionale rispetto a quasi qualsiasi altro centro di formazione superiore. La nostra posizione europea ci offre una visione decisamente internazionale.
Gli studenti, studiosi e commentatori vengono a Lab PolisMaker a parlare dei problemi principali con una visione olistica.


From Dubai:

“Thanks to make us discover our city with these Index, City Indicators, and internationals experts like Canada Global Indicators, now I understand it is the beginning of a long road towards QofLiving.”

From Italy:

“Dear Prof Caprio, Grazie mille for your encouragement ,I think the next step, as you mentioned is about smart cities, eco-building, etc. as a balance in harmony like as important part for the Environment and Sustainable development. Thank you very much for your concern! Yours sincerely,”

From Bulgary:

“Dear Sir, The exercise is a kind of real time application with city indicators of finding what are the necessary steps we can take in developing the attractiveness of the tourist people by comparing with the other countries and places and making necessary modifications to make the place even better. This was the motivation sir. Regards,”


From India:

“I’m Industrial Biotechnologist and Environmental Engineer. My background is not exactly related to the Urban Economics but I can say as a Biotechnologist, we study the effects of environment and its interaction with the human beings and diseases caused by the environmental changes. The attractiveness index of Prof. Caprio has a great relation on the human safety and the needs of human beings in which how they choose their luxuries.”