10 recommendations arising out of the themes, presentations and debates of the ‘Land Use & Mobility’ Forum Supplement to the Proceedings of the Forum held at BOZAR on 11 May 2017, compiled by Paul Vermeylen and approved by the Board of Directors of FUP. Author: Pierre Laconte, with the collaboration of Paul Vermeylen, Dirk Van de Putte, Bruno Clerbaux and Clotilde Fally.

These recommendations relate to trends that have only emerged in the last few years. In view of the rapidity of their development, however, their implementation is envisaged by 2030. It will involve a number of transitional stages, based on a multidisciplinary vision and taking account of environmental impact and the ethical values of the professions represented.

10 recommendations / PDF

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  1. I found so interesting the implementation of this responsible and participatory governance has become unavoidable, given that an urban region is a complex system in which no actor alone can comprehend every development.

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